Decoration is a non-visible component that allows you to change decoration (appearance) (e.g. Padding) of any of the Visible components.

SetMargin block. This block allows you to set the margin for a visible component (e.g. Label, Button, etc). The Margin is the distance from the other visible components. For values, use a Text block and enter values for top, left, bottom right in CSV format. Example formats are as follows:

  • 10,5,10,5 - for top=10, left=5, bottom=10, right=5

  • 10,5 - same as above, but shorthand version

  • 10 - means same value for all top, left, bottom, right

SetPadding block. This block allows you to set the gap around the component. It is the space inside the border, between the border and the actual content. For values, use same formats as SetMargin (above) can be used

SetShape block. This block allows you to create a rectangle or round shape for the visible component. It also allows you to change its background and border color. isRound allows you to make the component appear as rectangle (false) or round / oval (true).

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