Creating E-book

reating an E-book

Contributed by: Peter Mathijseen
This tutorial written by Peter Mathijssen, shows you how to create an E-book using just a few Components - see the image below.
You can get the TaifunTools extension here: And the following blocks. No fancy formula, just straight forward.
And the result will be
The html-files use a small css file for formatting the text. But you can play with that.
You can use the cheatsheet here for the icons:
A little tip: If you use an arrangement or use the webviewer at 100% or fill parent the sidebar will not show. There has to be some background available. So set the webviewer to a width of 95% for instance to make it work.
In the aia file there is a fontfile included, 3 html files, an image, a css file and the TaifunTools extension.
Download by clicking on the link LoremIpsum.aia
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