A RatingBar is a component that shows a rating in stars. The user can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating:

This is a User Interface component that can be added to screen layout. It contains default properties such as number of stars, the current selection, color, etc:

For this tutorial, as shown above, we are setting defaults NumStars to 5, a start-up Rating of 4.5, StepSize of .5 (half stars selection) , StarColor of Red, and AllowSelection to true, allowing user to touch & drag & select number of stars for rating.


Event block AfterSelecting gets triggered when user touches and drags the stars. As dragging is done, this block will return the Rating (number of stars) selected.

In this event-block, we can add other blocks to display additional information:

This component includes many other blocks that can be used to programatically set or update the component settings:

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