Using RadioButtons

This tutorial uses RadioButtons extension that can be downloaded HERE

This extension allows you to create RadioButtons either vertically (default) or horizontally within a HorizontalArrangement Layout. In this tutorial, we'll create a simple President-Quiz that will look like below. When each Button is clicked, we will check the response and show message using Notifier component.

Get .apk HERE and .aia

Create a new project. Once project opens, in the Design Editor, select the Extensions category and import RadioButtons extension. Our sample quiz-app, has 3 questions, each having their own radiobutton possible answers. For each RadioButtons component, you can change the TextColor and TextSize. Customize is as you needed. Also, as shown in image BELOW, we use 3 HorizontalArrangement component. Each of these layouts will be used to hold one-set of responses as shown ABOVE. We use Labels to display quiz text and a Button to check answer and show status using a Notifier component.

We now use Blocks Editor to code the app behavior. We use

Screen1 Initialize Event

block, to create or radio buttons using


block. Specify a unique numeric


for for each set of radiobuttons, a container, the way that you like to present the radio-buttons


vertical vs. horizontal




of values for each radio-button.

We now need to check answer for the "Check Answer" button is pressed for each group. To simplify the logic, eliminate redundancy, we use a procedure that accepts 2 parameters. First parameter for checking what user has selected and 2nd parameter for receiving the correct response. To determine which radio-button user has selected, we use RadioButtons.GetChecked block. This block returns the text of selected radio-button. If nothing selected, a -1 will be returned. For Button1, to check answer, in its Click event, we invoke our procedure, passing it RadioButtons1.GetChecked (gets text of selected radio-button for RadioButtons1 group) and for 2nd parameter, we pass it the correct answer. Our procedure now checks to see if parameter responseText is equal to CorrectAnswer and display an Alert accordingly

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