Firebase - Advanced

Firebase using Login & RewardedVideo for Points system


Pixii Bomb

TUTORIAL DIFFICULTY: Hard This is not a tutorial for beginner users. I would highly recommend reviewing the previous tutorials mentioned at the start of the video before attempting this video. If you are new to AppyBuilder, you will have a very difficult time following along. This video moves at a much faster pace than most of my videos. Firebase is an advanced component and this video is aimed at members who have some experience using AppyBuilder. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This video combines previous video tutorials (Push Notification, TinyDB & RewardedVideo) into one concept. The app will ask the user to create a new account if it’s the user’s first time opening the app. You will learn how to retrieve and insert data to Firebase from your app. The user will create an account (username and password) which will give them a unique userID. Their userID is stored on a TinyDB on their phone, for quick login. Once the user has successfully logged in, they can begin earning points by watching RewardedVideo ads. The points are stored in Firebase under the user’s 13-digit userID.

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