Animation & Collision Part II


Pixii Bomb

TUTORIAL DIFFICULTY: Medium-Hard This is not an easy tutorial for beginner users. It is recommended that you already be familiar with Image Sprite properties such as: heading, speed and interval, as well as the Clock component. You should also know how to create multiple layers and transparent layers in Photoshop (or your image software of choice).

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Part 1 focuses on organizing sprites and creating collision detection “blockade” images, using Photoshop (or your image software of choice) The playable character (actor) should be able to walk in four direction: up, down, left and right. In order to animate the Actor walking, at least 3 images should be used for each direction, for a total of 12 images. Blockade images will be used as image sprites on the canvas in AppyBuilder. When the Actor collides with the blockade images, the Actor will not be able to move forward. This will prevent the Actor from walking on walls or tabels. Part 1 also introduced Tile Coordinates (instead of Pixel Coordinates).

Part 2 puts everything together in AppyBuilder. We’ll create procedures to set sprites on the canvas using Tile Coordinates. Two clock components will animate the actor and additional decorative sprites. Floating buttons will be used as a control pad, and the collision detection blockade images will be implemented.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCES: Project .ZIP Folder Contains:

  • 2 Sprite Sheets from RPG Maker MV

  • Photoshop File: Map (includes layers for Blockade Images and Coordinate Tiles)

  • RPG Animation AppyBuilder .aia file

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