Sidebar panel shows app main navigation menu. When sidebar is not used, it is invisible, and it is visible when the user swipes a finger from the left edge of the screen.

You can setup a headerImage and a list of icons from here

Triggering Sidebar. Triggered when user picks (selects) an item from Sidbar

Creating Sidebar. You can create a Sidebar menu by following block, there are app's main options in the left edge of screen. The Sidebar is visible if user swipes a finger from left edge of screen.

HeaderImagePath could be added from asset folder or point to the Internet or even you can leave it empty. Notice that for ListItems , it provides a CSV of items, and for ListIcons, it provides a CSV of icons from here

Open Sidebar. A Sidebar which is already created, can be opened using the following block:

Checking Sidebar. You can check if a Sidebar is opened or not with the following block:

Closing Sidebar. if you want to close a created Sidebar, you can use the below Sidebar , by entering the sidebar name:

Tutorial. Please check-out e-Book tutorial HERE.

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