Check box components can detect user taps and can change their boolean state in response. A check box component raises an event when the user taps it. There are many properties affecting its appearance that can be set in the Designer or Blocks Editor.


  • Changed(): User tapped and released check box.

  • GotFocus(): Check box became the focused component.

  • LostFocus(): Check box stopped being the focused component.


  • SetShadow: Place a blurred shadow underneath the text with the specified x, y, radius, color, (e.g. -11,12,13,black).


  • BackgroundColor: Color for check box background.

  • CheckboxColor:

  • Checked: True if the box is checked, false otherwise.

  • Enabled: If set, user can tap check box to cause action.

  • FontBold: Available only in Designer Properties.

  • FontItalic: Available only in Designer Properties.

  • FontSize:

  • FontTypeface: Available only in Designer Properties.

  • Height: Check box height (y-size).

  • Width: Check box width (x-size).

  • Text: Text to display on check box.

  • TextColor: Color for check box text.

  • Visible: If set, check box is visible.

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