Using Snackbar , you could have feedback on an operation. Snackbar shows a brief message at the bottom of the screen, above all other elements. Only one can be displayed at a time. Snackbar disappear after user interaction.

Snackbar includes an event-block called AfterAction. It will be automatically triggered when Snackbar action is clicked. This block contains a parameter called "action". It can be used to determine type action that user selected. For example, we can use if-then-else, to check user's response as below:

Creating Snackbar. You can create a Snackbar using the following block, in message you should add one-message and up to two actions. The message will appear on left-side and the actions will display on right side. If you want to have only one-action, just plug an empty text block into socket.

Opening Snackbar. Use block below to determine if Snackbar is open or not

Closing Snackbar. Use block below to force closing of Snackbar.

Image below shows how Snackbar looks when 2 actions are provided. Note: For this example, we used Snackbar.TextColor to change the default color:

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