A component that provides a high-level interface to a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot, with functions to draw graphs on EV3 screen.



The BluetoothClient component that should be used for communication. Must be set in the Designer


DrawPoint (number color, number x, number y)

Draw a point on the screen.

DrawIcon (number color, number x, number y, number type, number no)

Draw a built-in icon on screen.

DrawLine (number color, number x1, number y1, number x2, number y2)

Draw a line on the screen.

DrawRect (number color, number x, number y, number width, number height, boolean fill)

Draw a rectangle on the screen.

DrawCircle (number color, number x, number y, number radius, boolean fill)

Draw a circle on the screen.

FillScreen (number color)

Fill the screen with a color.

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