A Chronometer is a simple timer that can be started or stopped.


  • Click(): Toggles chronometer start / stop state

  • GotFocus(): Event handler for when the cursor moved over the chronometer so it is now possible to click it.

  • LongClick(): Resets chronometer to 0.

  • LostFocus(): Event handler for when the cursor is not over the chronometer anymore.


  • BackgroundColor

  • ElapsedTimeInSec

  • Enabled

  • FontBold

  • FontItalic

  • FontSize

  • Height

  • Image: Specifies the path of the chronometer’s image. If there is both image and BackgroundColor, only the Image will be visible.

  • ShouldResume:

  • Started

  • TextColor

  • Visible:

  • Width

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