A component that provides a low-level interface to a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot, with functions to send system or direct commands to EV3 robots.



The BluetoothClient component that should be used for communication. Must be set in the Designer


KeepAlive (number minutes)

Keep the EV3 brick from shutdown for a period of time.

GetBatteryVoltage ()

Get the battery voltage.

GetBatteryCurrent ()

Get the battery current.

GetOSVersion ()

Get the OS version on EV3.

GetOSBuild ()

Get the OS build on EV3.

GetFirmwareVersion ()

Get the firmware version on EV3.

GetFirmwareBuild ()

Get the firmware build on EV3.

GetHardwareVersion ()

Get the hardware version of EV3.

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