Keystores contain certificate information that contains security information and is used when publishing apps to Android market.

A "keystore" is a database used by JDK "keytool" command and KeyStore class to store your own private keys, and public key certificates you received from others. "keystore" supports the following features:

  • Two types of entries: key entries for private keys and certificate entries for public key certificates.

  • A key entry contains the private key and a certificate chain of the corresponding public key.

  • Every entry has a unique alias name.

  • Key entries are protected by separate passwords.

  • "keystore" may have different implementations from different security package providers. The default implementation from Sun is called JKS (Java Key Store).


A keystore is created when you initially create your first app. Every AI distribution contains its own unique keystore. As result, if you have published an app from another repository (e.g. MIT AI), and now would like to continue with AppyBuilder, you'll have to import keystore from MIT AI into AppyBuilder.

NOTE: Before performing any imports, create a backup of your existing keystore by exporting it. Otherwise, you may encounter issues when you try to publish apps into Android market.

The export / import can be done by selecting Projects menu, then selecting "Export keystore" or "Import keystore"


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